US Agencies Like FBI Would Train Indian Intelligence Officials For Cyber Terrorism And Related Issues

US Agencies Like FBI Would Train Indian Intelligence Officials For Cyber Terrorism And Related IssuesLaw enforcement and intelligence agencies have to deal with diverse nature of issues. With the omnipresence of cyberspace, these agencies are also required to upgrade their cyber skills. Techno legal skills development has become the pressing need of the hour for these agencies. However, Indian agencies are still struggling to enhance their cyber skills in the absence of adequate skills development and training institutions in India.

Cyber terrorism is one such area that raises serious concerns among all the countries and their law enforcement agencies. Unfortunately, the international legal issues of cyber attacks are yet to be formulated and implemented. Academic documents like Tallinn Manual (PDF) are also of little help in this regard.

It has been reported that United States agencies like FBI will train top India intelligence officials to deal with various issues related to cyber terror. India and U.S. have also agreed to enhance cooperation in this regard by sharing of intelligence and by training of skilled security personnel. The decision to start a hotline between the national security advisers of the two countries was also a step in the same direction.

Selective officials from India’s internal and external security as well as intelligence agencies will be sent to the U.S. for training to tackle cyber terrorism in India. As on date, India is running short of skilled workforce to deal with sophisticated cyber attacks and cyber terrorism. There is no doubt that techno legal skills development and training institutions must also be established in India so that trainings and skills development can be managed in India itself.

We at Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) have launched two platforms in this regard. The first one is managed by PTLB and the other one is managed by PTLITC. Basic level trainings and courses are managed by PTLB while highly specialised ones are managed by PTLITC.

PTLB would be starting various techno legal courses very soon. These would also include techno legal skills development and training for law enforcement and intelligence agencies of India and other jurisdictions. Please keep a track of latest developments in this regard at our platforms.

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