Virtual Law Campus (VLC) Of India

Virtual Law Campus Of PTLBLegal education in India has seen many ups and downs. There are many shortcomings of the present legal education system of India. The biggest hurdle before a qualitative legal education in India is lack of practical approach towards the study and courses. There are very few law institutions/universities in India that are providing qualitative and practical legal education.

Another major lacuna of Indian legal education is absence of technology law related studies in these institutions. For instance, there are hardly a few universities in India that are providing a full fledged cyber law course. The Information Technology Act, 2000 (IT Act 2000) was passed in the year 2000 as the cyber law of India. However, till 2015 no law university/college has provided a full fledged and practical cyber law course. The mere inclusion of cyber law course as a subject or diploma level course is not enough to produce qualitative cyber law professionals.

Universities and colleges in India are also slow in adopting and using information and communication technology (ICT). For instance, there is no virtual law campus in India as on date. Perry4Law’s Techno Legal Base (PTLB) is managing the exclusive techno legal virtual legal education campus (VLEC) of India. The courses are provided through PTLB Virtual Campus. Some of the techno legal online courses provided by virtual legal education campus (VLEC) of India include cyber law, cyber security, cyber forensics, etc.

The chief objective of VLEC of India is to provide techno legal courses, trainings, skills development programs, etc by using ICT, e-learning and distance learning modes. The main focus of these courses and trainings is to inculcate practical training oriented skills among the enrolled stakeholders. For instance, instead of merely making aware the stakeholders about phishing, VLEC would explain in detail how the same is committed and how to evade and prevent the same.

Over a period of time, we would cover traditional fields like criminal laws, civil laws, marriage and divorce, etc as well. Further, courses on conflict of laws, intellectual property rights, e-discovery, online dispute resolution (ODR), e-courts, etc would also be introduced in due course of time.

PTLB would very soon launch dedicated website(s) for the virtual law campus managed by it. We would also decide whether to merge virtual legal education campus (VLEC) of India and virtual law campus (VLC) of India or to manage them separately for different courses. PTLB has been managing the virtual legal education campus (VLEC) of India since 2011. We would come up with more details about the VLEC and VLC initiatives of PTLB very soon.

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