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Legal Compliances For Startups And Entrepreneurs In India
« on: January 14, 2017, 11:30:50 pm »
Legal Compliance for Startups and Entrepreneurs in India are diverse and scattered in nature. A dominant majority of these startups and entrepreneurs are exploring and experimenting with the e-commerce segments.

Indian startups and entrepreneurs have tried their hands upon fields like simple e-commerce portals, online gaming and gambling, online pharmacies, Ayurvedic preparations, online fantasy sports, bitcoin, telemedicine, e-health, mobile wallets, e-agriculture, digital payments, etc.

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There is no single legal framework for these diverse fields and every field has to be analysed keeping in mind the specific and specialised laws applicable to it. However, cyber law due diligence (pdf) is one aspect that is common among all e-commerce activities of startups and entrepreneurs.

Nevertheless, almost all of these startups and entrepreneurs are not complying with cyber law due diligence requirements as specified under the Information Technology Act, 2000 that is the cyber law of India. Not only this, most of these startups and entrepreneurs consider legal compliance as an unnecessary cost factor.

There is another aspect of non compliance with legal requirements by these startups and entrepreneurs. The cost of legal compliance can be a big hurdle for these stakeholders as the fields mentioned above require domain specific expertise.

This is the reason why PTLB LPO DOES NOT PROVIDE certain techno legal services that are of High End and Domain Specific nature. Such High End and Domain Specific Services are provided by Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) and Perry4Law Law Firm and not by PTLB LPO.

Please Do not Contact Us for Low End Works, assignments of Startups and Entrepreneurship, etc at our Professional Contact Point meant for  High End and Domain Specific Services alone.

Instead, contact us at PTLB LPO for your regular compliance requirements.

Of course, if you can afford our high end services, Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) would be more than happy to help you.

At the same time, we also request Indian Government to provide financial assistance to these startups and entrepreneurs so that they can comply with legal requirements as applicable to them. This can be done by Indian Government either by making the direct payment of the professional charges of concerned law firm/lawyer or by reimbursing the legal costs incurred by the startups and entrepreneurs as against an invoice raised/given by such law firm/lawyer.

Dispute resolution is another area where startups and entrepreneurs, especially the e-commerce companies, have failed. Internet is full of consumer complaints and disputes that are not resolved for months. This is so even if the terms and conditions of such e-commerce companies have promised to resolve any dispute or generate any refund within one or two weeks.

Online dispute resolution (ODR) has tremendous potential to resolve consumer disputes in a cost effective and timely manner. All the startups, entrepreneurs and e-commerce websites have to do is to incorporate the ODR Clause as provided by Techno Legal Centre of Excellence for Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) In India (TLCEODRI) and avail its unique and cost effective Cyber Arbitration and Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Services. More about ODR can be found at the ODR Forum of TLCEODRI.

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