Author Topic: Rules For Allocation Of Assignments To Lawyers, CA, CS, Etc  (Read 5038 times)


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Rules For Allocation Of Assignments To Lawyers, CA, CS, Etc
« on: January 13, 2017, 09:57:41 am »
Professionals like Lawyers, CAs, CS, Etc can extend their services to PTLB LPO in the following manners:

(1) Empanellment at PTLB LPO, or

(2) Through freelance services.

The following rules of engagement would be adopted in this regard:

(a) Among a particular category i.e. either enrolled professionals or freelance professionals, the rule of engagement would be first come first basis, subject to the condition of minimum fees, charges, bid, etc mentioned at (b).

(b) Professional quoting the minimum bid/professional charges would be allotted the assignment in question.

(c) The bid and assignment would remain open for a specified period only and once that period expires the assignment would be allotted on the following basis:

(i) To the professional who has given the lowest bid within the period specified for the assignment,

(ii) If there are two or more professionals giving the same quote or bid, then to the professional who has given such bid at the earliest point of time i.e. first come first basis rule.

(iii) In no case the quote, charges, bid, etc shall be disclosed by PTLB LPO to ensure fairness of the process.

(iv) PTLB LPO may reduce or extend the period of assignments in appropriate cases without any notice or intimation to professionals in its sole discretion.

(d) PTLB LPO would give a preference and priority to enrolled professionals over freelance Professionals and the assignment in question would be first offered to the Enrolled Professionals.

The assignment in question would be posted in the Freelance Section only after the response period given to enrolled professionals is expired. However, even when the assignment has been posted in the freelance category, any enrolled professional can take up the same provided she/he is the first to take up the assignment with lowest charges/fees/bid when the period for the freelance category expires.

Clearly enrollment/empanelment with PTLB LPO has many advantages that freelance professional would not enjoy. We recommend that professionals must enroll/empanel with PTLB LPO with one time non refundable registration fee of just Rs. 5,000 (Five Thousand Only). This would create tremendous techno legal opportunities for enrolled/empanelled professionals in near future.

[e] To make the equation fair and equitable, any freelance professional can take up any assignment of the enrolled professionals once she/he has enrolled for the techno legal services of PTLB LPO. However, this is subject to lowest fees/charges/bid and first come first basis rules.

(f) All enrolled professionals would be entitled to bid for a freelance assignment or an assignment for enrolled professionals whose period has expired. However, the assignment would be allotted on first come first basis and to the professional giving lowest charges/fees/bid for such freelance or expired period assignments.

(g) PTLB LPO has the discretion to allot a particular assignment to a particular professional where the nature of the assignment requires so.

Please check the respective Boards of PTLB LPO Discussion Forum in this regard from time to time. The best way to do so is to register at the platform for better coordination of your activities.

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