Disruptive Technology Would Change The Way Legal Services And LPO Would Be Managed In Future

Technology is changing the way we conduct legal transactions in our daily lives. As a result, we are forced to enact new laws covering issues like cyber law, cyber security, e-commerce, etc. However, this lawmaking is still at a very initial stage and law is still very far away from catching the technological changes.

For many decades technology has been trying to penetrate the legal profession and legal services fields. However, technology has failed to achieve this task so far. Of course, some of the law firms have started using legal case management systems and even artificial intelligence (AI) for limited legal fields. Nevertheless, legal fraternity is still very rigid in adopting and using technology.

Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) started experimenting with information and communication technology (ICT) since 2002. This is the time when the first ever digital law firm of India was also born in the form of Perry4Law. A true digital law firm is not one that merely uses some form of technology but that has integrated ICT in its day to day activities. So the essential attributes of a true digital law firm is that most of its activities and services are performed in an online environment using ICT.

However, becoming the premier digital law firm of India has its own costs. Indian clients are still not comfortable with a virtual law firm and virtual legal assistants. They are more anxious to meet the people in person and face to face. They still believe in documentary dealings whereas most of the documentation and communications can safely be conducted using ICT. For instance, many Indian clients find it really difficult to interact over e-mails and chats. Even a telephonic conversation is not enough for them to start the hiring process for legal services. Naturally, lawyers have insignificant and almost nonexistent interest in technology in such cases and all they would be interested in is automation of administrative and para legal services.

Perry4Law remained persistent and even today we focus more upon being a virtual law firm than a brick and mortar law firm. We also encouraged use of open source software so that legal services in India can be rejuvenated. For instance, we are the first digital law firm in the entire world that is offering techno legal services in the fields like online internship, online skills development for lawyers and others, online dispute resolution (ODR), e-courts, cyber forensics, cyber security, e-discovery, etc. So our legal practice and services are inseparable from technology and Perry4Law is not just providing techno legal services using ICT but is itself a techno legal institution.

The story does not end here. We keep on experimenting with ICT and open source software and introduce novel and useful model for national and international stakeholders. For instance, at the Online Disputes Resolution & Cyber Arbitration Portal of TLCEODRI, national and international stakeholders can resolve their techno legal disputes by just opening a ticket. Similarly, any person located in any part of this world can avail the techno legal services of Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB) or Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) by just opening a legal service request. Now this is the hallmark of a true digital law firm that can assist any person on the planet through Internet. Basically, we are using both commonly available and disruptive technologies to streamline and change the way legal services are provided using ICT. However, the task is very difficult as people and stakeholders are still not comfortable using disruptive technologies and innovative models of legal services delivery.

Nevertheless, Perry4Law is very optimistic that very soon other law firms would also follow the path suggested by Perry4Law and then people would be comfortable in availing technology assisted legal services.

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PTLB Introduces Disruptive LPO Model For National And International Legal Services

Legal process outsourcing (LPO) is a well known and well accepted fact in India. There are many players who are providing LPO services in India and they are also doing remarkably well. However, due to recession and global political and social developments, India’s LPO share is decreasing. Other developing nations have gained attention of LPO service seekers as these nations are proving more cost effective and competitive than India.

Indian LPO service providers are also changing their models and strategies accordingly and the effect of these changes would be visible only after some years. However, LPO industry of India is largely based upon traditional notions and information and communication technology (ICT) is still not fully utilised for LPO services in India. Even in other nations use of ICT for LPO purposes is very limited.

The LPO market around the world was waiting for something unique and disruptive. We at Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) have introduced a “Disruptive LPO Model” for India and other jurisdictions. Perry4Law’s Techno Legal Base (PTLB) is one of the premier techno legal segments of Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) and is also one of its register trademarks. Now PTLB has launched a dedicated and first ever Techno Legal LPO Platform for national and international stakeholders. Interested stakeholders can use the same by simply creating a support ticket with relevant information and they can have world class LPO services in almost real time.

We have also launched PTLB LPO Discussion Forum so that various issues like procedure, fees, establishment of client attorney relationship, etc can be discussed in a comprehensive and holistic manner at a single place. Clients or LPO service seekers may also be interested in the following deep links:

(a) Cost Structure,

(b) Establishing Client Attorney Relationship,

(c) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs),

(d) Best Use of PTLB LPO Forum by Clients/LPO Seekers,

(e) Services Offered By PTLB LPO,

(f) Services Not Offered By PTLB LPO,

(g) High End and Domain Specific Services, etc.

Similarly, Lawyers, Legal Consultants, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretary, Tax Consultants, Corporate Consultants, etc also have much to gain from the PTLB LPO platform. We have provided two methods through which these professionals can utilise the ever growing reach of PTLB LPO platforms. These are:

(a) Empanelment at PTLB LPO Platform, and

(b) Freelance Services At PTLB LPO Platform.

Empanelment at PTLB LPO has many benefits and advantages attached to it that a professional using freelance method would not get. Empanelment is available to professionals with  a minimum of 5 years experience and paying onetime non refundable registration fee of Rs. 5000 (Five Thousand) only.  There are no other charges for empanelment as on date and the benefits of empanelment are too much to be ignored. Interested professionals may see Rules for Allocation of Assignments to Lawyers, CA, CS, Etc, Empanelment of Lawyers, Empanelment of CA, CS, Etc, in this regard.

So PTLB LPO platform is a win-win situation for all stakeholders i.e. clients, professionals and us. We hope this Disruptive LPO Model would be fully utilised by various stakeholders.

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