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Thanks for considering the techno legal services of PTLB. Due to our unique techno legal and domain specific expertise, we receive thousands of queries, legal consultancy requests, techno legal assistance requests, etc on monthly basis. It is not possible for us to answer all these queries and requests as that would hamper the assignments of our existing clients who have already availed our services. Thus, some “rules of engagement” have been prescribed by PTLB to help those who are seriously interested in availing our services and at the same time filtering those who are just exploring availing our services without any commitment.

The exclusive guiding principle in this regard is the establishment of a “Client Attorney Relationship” between PTLB and the one who has approached us to avail our techno legal services. Please note that we would not start working upon your assignments till a “Client Attorney Relationship” is established between us. Such a relationship would be established only and only if the on account payment is “actually received and realised” in our favour. See Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for more details about seeking services of PTLB LPO.

Any telephone conversation to be received or made by us is possible only after establishment of such “Client Attorney Relationship” and not before that. Please do not ask for our “contact numbers” or request us to “contact you” without such “Client Attorney Relationship” as such requests would not be entertained.

Similarly, any “meeting request” with our lawyers/partners is possible only after “Client Attorney Relationship” has been established as mentioned above.

Thus, neither a “telephone conversation” nor a “meeting” is possible with the prospective client till a “Client Attorney Relationship” has been established. This way we ensure that only “serious clients” approach us so that we can give them not only a qualitative time but also our best expertise.

We do not believe in spamming others and we also expect others to follow the same line of thought. You would seldom receive any e-mail from us unless you have contacted us at the first place.

This contact point has been created strictly for “Professional Purposes” only and any communication that is not following the guidelines prescribed by this contact point would be ignored out rightly by us. In appropriate cases, we would also declare such e-mail(s) spam and block the same from communicating with us in future.

In short, please do not send “General Queries” or “Unpaid Queries” as they would not be entertained. Casual Queries and “Non Professional Communications” would be declared “Spam” and “Blocked” from future communications. Further, Trainings/Internship/Skills Development requests without prescribed Application Form and Fees would also be treated as Spam and Blocked.

We do not work on Saturday and Sundays and Indian Public Holidays. Such days would be excluded from the number of “Working Days” that we would be requiring executing your legal assignments. Our office timing for working days are 10 AM to 12 Noon and 2.30 PM to 6 PM.

By requesting our techno legal assistance, you “Agree” to these Terms and Conditions.

You may contact us at perry4law (at) rediffmail (dot) com and perry4law (at) yahoo (dot) com for “Professional Assignments” or “Professional Training” requirements.

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