LPO Blog

PTLB has launched the first ever techno legal LPO of the world that is based upon “Disruptive LPO Model”. It is a deviation from traditional LPO services as it is using information and communication technology (ICT) for providing legal services. Stakeholders like clients, professionals and the LPO platform would use, interact and act through the online platform in almost real time.

PTLB has already launched a dedicated portal for LPO known as PTLB LPO. A dedicated discussion forum for LPO has also been launched by PTLB known as PTLB LPO Discussion Forum so that national and international stakeholders may get complete and comprehensive information about PTLB’s LPO offerings.

In addition, PTLB LPO has also dedicated a separate blog to LPO segment where news, views, opinions, etc about LPO would be discussed by PTLB. See the LPO Blog of PTLB and get latest updates of LPO industry around the world.